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Ravan Interiors offers the most up to date and reliable options for motorization. Today’s home theaters and luxury residences feature the finest amenities. Motorized window coverings are a part of this new standard. Draperies, Roman/Austrian shades, roller shades, and intricate skylight shading systems are just a few of the products that can be motorized.

The systems can be controlled through switches, remote controls, sun-sensors, timers or lighting and building automation controllers. This means you can control systems individually, in sub-groupings or all at once. Just think how nice it would be to have the ability to effortlessly open your drapes with the touch of a button.

Put an end to the pulling of heavy strings and eliminate the need to access those hard to reach places. Automatic drapery systems are built precisely to customer specifications. They are discreetly mounted out of sight, extremely reliable, and super quiet.

Sensors and controls added to your drapes provide automatic opening and closing as desired, even during your absence. When you are away, they add extra security by creating the “at-home” look, they help to protect your valuables against damaging sunlight, they ensure timely daylight for plants and pets, as well as help control your energy bills. With these systems, it is now possible to centrally open or close the drapes in one or more rooms or even the entire house from one or more locations. © 2013 All Rights Reserved - Gallery - New at Ravan - Join our Mailing List - Contact Us - Home
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